Thursday, December 8, 2016

Weight For Height Chart

Ideal Weight For Height Chart In Russian.
Girls' Chart Above.
Boys' Chart Below.
Units in cm and kg.
Acceptable deviation for those below 169cm is +/- 1kg; for girls 170cm and above is +/- 2kg.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Weight Loss With Yoga

With regular, dedicated practice of Sivananda Yoga and ballet, I have lost 10kg (52kg to 42kg) over 3 years.

Current weight is around 43.5kg, 96 lbs.

Need to get back to my regular practice!

Current goal weight for height (158cm): 38.5 kg, 85 lbs.

Both quantity and quality are important in proper diet. Math is most important. Output must be greater than input for weight loss to occur. (eat little). I cannot emphasize this point enough. 

In the input you must have all the vitamins, minerals, etc. that you need. (varied diet).

Certain types of food are better for certain activities. (whether you need a lot of energy immediately, eg. fats, oil, nuts, chocolates; a lot of energy in a short while eg. fried chicken)

Regular practice helps maintain your weight loss, and lets your body adapt to your new lighter mass.

Keep moving, keep breathing. Om namah sivaya~ <3