Sunday, October 2, 2016

New recipes I've recently tried

After this most recent trip to India, I've been on a lime+salt streak.

1. I love lime juice + salt!
2. I love fruit juice with lime+salt!
3. I love chaach/chaas with lime+salt!
4. I like corn rubbed with lime+salt. +chaat masala :)
5. Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes with lime+salt.

Grilled eggplant/brinjal slices with salt is yummy.
Fried potato slices with tomato slices + salt. #vjiayandtara's latest creation. We call it the potato-tomato.

 Made guacamole again, from, with less salt (1/2). Would recommend halving the amount of onions too.

Buttered toast with cream cheese & sliced apple.

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